Our Story

As members of the BNSF Neeley Leadership Program at Texas Christian University, we are embarking on a “Leadership Challenge” to positively impact the lives of individuals within either our university, our community, or beyond. We ambitiously chose ‘beyond.’ More specifically, we are committed to providing access to clean and safe drinking water to communities in developing nations.


We all know that water is vital to our survival as humans. However, many of us do not know that nearly 800 million people live every day without access to clean water. This realization stunned us, as we view access to clean water as a basic human right. We cannot imagine living life having to worry about clean drinking water, and neither should anyone else.


In developing nations, clean water means more than just hydration; it means children are able to go to school instead of walking several hours a day to get water; it means women can pursue entrepreneurial endeavors and not worry about how they are going to give their child their next bath; It means families are healthy and not losing their children to preventable illnesses such as dysentery and diarrhea. When communities get access to clean water, they get access to a new life. We want to drive that change by fundraising for an incredible nonprofit organization, and you can help us.


Our Mission: To make a tangible impact on human lives through an innovative and creative solution. Whether our impact touches one individual or one thousand, impact is about the depth and sustainability of the difference to those who need it most.

Cassie Trosino 

Marketing Major & Philosophy Minor

Hayden Hite

Information Systems & Entrepreneurship Double Major

Brennan Holt

Supply Chain Management & Entrepreneurship Double Major