How does this work?

We realize that when giving any amount of money to a charity, there is always some speculation with where your money is going. Here is our process laid out for you:

Step 1

Give a Gift

Click here to access our campaign on the charity: water platform - help us reach our goal of bringing 1,250 people clean water.

Step 2

Campaign Closes

Our campaign closes on June 30. Feel free to share our mission with all your friends and family until then!

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Step 3

Funds Deployed

Due to support from their benefactors, charity: water will send 100% of raised funds to community-based drilling partners to sponsor various water projects.

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Step 4

Reports Sent

All donors receive progress reports so you can see exact coordinates of here your donation is going, and who is benefitting from it.

With our passion, charity: water's expertise, and your support, we can bring life to a community in need.